Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Told u D:

i told you it would be long between updates ^^ rofl. anywya nothign really new to report,  i had one idea about a giant desrt titan who carries  a mystical temple on his back but meh, not sure. James game ame one really great idea today, and i want to use it. anyway thats not the point! 

The point is i found this: 
and im thinking of doing it. but i want to do it with james ^^  I shall call him tonite and see : D if not i might do it not sure.  I want to do that idea he game me today, with a few tweeks that could be good. Im thinking a screenplay script. or a 5 part TV series rofl. but meh. thought it was time for an update lol, im not being creative lately... just school work, school work school work.  That and combat arms (google it but im probably the only person i know who'll be into that kinda game) anyway, im off to do science now D: 

PS: someone can still do a banner ><

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