Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Told u D:

i told you it would be long between updates ^^ rofl. anywya nothign really new to report,  i had one idea about a giant desrt titan who carries  a mystical temple on his back but meh, not sure. James game ame one really great idea today, and i want to use it. anyway thats not the point! 

The point is i found this: 
and im thinking of doing it. but i want to do it with james ^^  I shall call him tonite and see : D if not i might do it not sure.  I want to do that idea he game me today, with a few tweeks that could be good. Im thinking a screenplay script. or a 5 part TV series rofl. but meh. thought it was time for an update lol, im not being creative lately... just school work, school work school work.  That and combat arms (google it but im probably the only person i know who'll be into that kinda game) anyway, im off to do science now D: 

PS: someone can still do a banner ><

Sunday, February 15, 2009


oh, hai everybody :)

Is is my blog, I will give a link to all those who i consider good friends and if your interested check back. I'll be posting all my creative stuff here. things like snippets of writing i do art work... anything really : D if you are some random who found this in Google. HI! Ur my friend now SO DEAL WITH IT! : D no, im not that bad.. am i?
anyway, if u want to receive updates by e-mail you can become a follower, im not entirely sure but i think theirs a link that way >>>>> you might need to sign up. if you don't want to just check back often. I'll try post often but the sad reality i can go weeks without doing anything interesting.

anyway, Credit for the blog idea goes to Mandy. if i didn't know of her blog i would have no idea what a blog is and my drawings and writing would stay bits of crumpled paper under my bed. her blog is nocturnal reviews. ((Mandy, if you reading this expect me to pick you brain about how to use this site. )) everyone else go take a look, Its pretty sweet =D

Umm, any other friend's have websites that want linked tell me and i shall do justice :)

Oh, look ^^up dere^^ see the site name, white with black background? boring hey? so if your good with photoshop or making banners feel free to make me one :) (PLEASE) about that big and it should have the following..

Wolves ... one or two... mebby a howling one :)
it has to say The Wolf's den Clearly and awesomely
it probably should have your credit in the corner...
Ummm Mebby in smaller writing under the title 'By Buttons" but only if it looks good :)
and nothing to violent... lol.
Here, some pictures of wolves you can use :D
Howling one
Howling two
stalking cub
and my personal fave Sitting wolf
uh if none of them work i'm sure u can whip up something : D
Many thanks to those who do.

umm, anything else?
.... Nope that's all for now i think :)

Say hi to your mum for me